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“Several years ago my neighbors and I reached out to landscapers for bids on our yards. The bids varied by thousands of dollars and everyone seemed to have a different approach. The whole process was very frustrating and confusing. It was hard to determine who to higher and the more we spoke with landscapers the more confused we became.  Ultimately my neighbors and I all decided to go different directions. My wife and I elected to go with Dynamic Scapes. They were one of the higher bids. They had the ability to take the confusion out of the process and simply explain things to us. I’ll never forget my neighbor telling me that I was “getting hosed.” Its been several years now and our landscaping is fantastic. Everyone talks about. Not only does it look good but it functions so well. I love being able to control my sprinklers from my phone. I travel for work. I can Start, Stop, and adjust them from any where I have phone coverage.  As for my neighbor. His sprinkler system is so bad that he and his wife are constantly dragging hoses to keep things green. When they leave town there yard dies. Every time I see this I know who  really got hosed.   My name is D. Walker and I highly recommend Dynamic Scapes.”
D. Walker
“My name is Natalie and my husband and I had just built a home and needed landscaping. If you haven’t been through this process before I wish you good luck. No one tells you how much landscaping cost and how to do it. We spoke with our neighbors and friends for some pointers but it seemed they had varying advice. We found Dynamic Scapes on line and they had by far the most straight forward approach. We had an estimate provided to us before we even met them. This was so nice to have. We kind of knew what the costs would be before even meeting with them. After that we set an appointment and they came out and met with us and explained the estimate. We really wanted to add a tramp ring for the kids but didn’t quite have enough money for it. They were able to explain that it would cost more than double to add it later. We took advantage of the 0% financing they had available. This allowed us to be completely finish our landscape and save the cost of adding it later. We love our yard and would recommend Dynamic Scapes to everyone.”
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